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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 27, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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welcome to "the ed show." live from new york. i'm ready to go. let's get to work! it's true, coal is very plentiful in america. >> america is a saudi arabia of coal. >> not only is contributing to climate change but it's also creating asthma. >> extremists that want to destroy our coal industry. >> here in coal industry, ke78 cal like has reignited the debate about whether the power of industry trumps health and environmental concerns. >> america is not working when president obama is seeking to close the coal power plants. >> the largest increase in greenhouse gas emissions in the last decade. we can't use yesterday's coal technology in a world where we understand the environmental and climate ramifications of coal.
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>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. so, how serious are we about climate change? i'm serious. i've been serious a long time. you know the conversation across america 37 we got a new report and a wake-up call. wait a minute. are we willing to make the changes that maybe other countries around the world will follow? how often have you heard and i think you did in that sound byte there by maich mcconnell, the claim that all the democrats want to do is regulate stuff? that president obama, all he's about is regulation? and they're all about deregulation? the righties? let's get some straight talk on claim change. if this country is going to move in the right direction to do something about the climate, there's going to be some regulation. there's no question about it. and this president right here, may be positioned to do something that no other president has done.
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is he willing to take the heat? no pun intended. but the fact is, you think we're addicted to oil, what about coal? if we're going to reduce carbon emissions to start saving the climate. saving the globe and put pressure on other countries to do the same thing, everybody is going to have to bite the bullet including the coal industry. so after years of promises in little action, this president, president obama, who's not up for re-election, is finally getting sears about climate change, i think. next week welcome the president will announce new epa, environmental protection agency, regulations to cut carbon pollution from quote fired pooir plants. that's a mouthful. he's going to tell these boys, you got to start cleaning it up because we got bad news on the climate? power plants definitely pollute. you can't get around it. the world is watching.
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the "wall street journal" reports that the plan will do three things. allow states to eyes cap and trade systems. oh, no! we're back to that? cap and trade? didn't they pass that in obama's first couple of years and it cost them a bunch of seats in the mid term? yeah. but the information we're getting about the climate now is a lot different. it's going to increase renewable energy alternatives. that sounds like a lot of generic talk. we're going to get more incentives, i guess, to do the right thing for the climate. and the plan will also put new standards on states and energy companies, here we go, to reduce carbon emissions. this is where it gets sticky right here. new goals to reduce carbon emissions. since the president isn't going to get any help from anybody in congress, he's going to use that executive authority and he's going to tell the coal industry, you got some new emission
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standards because we got new information on the climate. wow! that would be a bold move. and a move in the right direction! and would also support the bullet point that conservatives have had, obama, all he wants to do is regulate everything. guess what? this is a new world. if we're going to address climate change. and other superpowers are going to watch. we now that putin is not going to do anything about it. he can't get enough of this stuff. he has the same attitude that marco rubio has, climate change? who? where? man isn't doing anything. china will be keeping a close eye on the president's proposal. these new standards will have an impact, a major impact and could influence the chinese on carbon pollution. they're big polluters. we're big polluters. who's the first polluters that's going to take a step forward. hopefully it's u us and hopefully it will follow. president obama is by passing congress with his executive
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order on these new regulations and he's tried to work with republicans but they obstruct him every step of the way. so for years, these guys have been out whining, whining, there's a war on coal! >> news from kentucky in the heart of appalachia which is also suffering a depression, as a result of this administration's war on coal. >> the last five years we've seen an all-out war on coal. >> the national energy tax and a continuation of the war on coal -- >> this resolution is the best opportunity to begin fighting back against president obama's war on coal. >> these lost jobs are all part of obama's wider war on coal and fossil fuels. >> war on coal. war on fossil fuels. there's wars all over the place. and we're just totally in denial as a country when it comes to regulations and them having an impact. if everybody were to get new regulations cross the energy
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board we might set an example and we might increase the job mairkt if we were to do that collectively. and can we do big stuff like that anymore? first off, coal powered plants, they're not going anywhere. this whole war on coal idea is a major stretch by people who aren't politically aligned, clearly. president obama's regulations would limit carbon and hopefully, reduce our reliance on coal. the president is not out there saying, we have to, across the board, get rid of coal. across the board with we got to get rid of oil. what if we reduced all the way across the board at levels. would that have an impact? yes. there are over 600 coal-fired plants in the united states accounting for roughly 40% of the nation's electricity. want to do the show in the dark, big eddie? >> i think so. but we got to figure it out. solar, have we made aid
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commitment to solar and the answer is -- no. if we wiped out coal, america would be in deep trouble. the facts are very clear. coal is harmful to the environme environment. there's no clean coal but we're going to use it and the earth can maintain its vibrant environment if we don't overuse. coal accounts for 34% of carbon emissions in the united states. it's not just carbon. coal is dirty and dangerous to people's health, if it's too much offist used around you. coal-power plants release toxic chemicals like mercury, acid gases, and arsenic. the sierra club says 7,000 pounds of mercury areleased every year add the process can be devastating to local communitition. in january, to give you an
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example, let's not forget, it was a new story, in january a dangerous byproduct of coal production leaked into the west virginia river. the leak sparked a tap water ban for 300,000 west virginia residents who were saying, what the heck is this all about? the spill was so bad president obama declared a state of emergency for nine west virginia counties. >> the source of the problem that's closed restaurants and schools is for this meth yechlt nol. it leaked from a 48 thooirks gl lon tank as a storage facility on the elk river i. about a mile down river is the west virginia american water company which supplies nine counties and some 300,000 people whose health may now be at risk. >> well, well, well! after that report, is it fair to say that the coal industry is waging a war on the environment?
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these scenes are all too common in coal mining states. in march, duke energy intentionally dumped 61 million gallons of toxic coal ash into north carolina's cape fear river. the company used pumps to move toxic ash from a holding pool and place it in the river. the capefire river provides drinking water for several cities and towns in north carolina. and on thursday, another west virginia coal company was busted for polluting water. a judge ruled alpha natural resources let the toxic chemical selenium to sooep seep into the west virginia waters. this chemical is a byproduct of mountaintop removal. these are three major examples of coal pollution just this year. you know, kale is a major carbon polluter. we know it's harmful to the environment and human health and we know we are addicted to coal.
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what are we going to do? why is president obama going to do this now? why haven't we done this for years? und under the executive power and the clean water act s of 1970 h can do this. president obama is right to take steps to remove this country from coal. not totally. settle down. everybody's not going to lose their job but what you're smelling in the air ain't good and the reports are saying we have to do something about it and are we going to globally lead on this? i ask you the question tonight. are we really serious about this climate change thing? i think president obama is and i think 450es positioned to tell the coal industry, dial it back. we're giving you a new computer model that your emissions have to fall within. the epa is watching you real closely. get your cell phones out 'i want to know what you think, tonight's question. do you support president obama's effort to reduce carbon
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emissions from coal plants? text "a" for yes and "b" for no or go to our blog. we'll bring you the results later. for more, here's maryann hit of the sierra club and also, john wood of coal blue. great to have both of you with us. john, you first. you support coal power? your reaction to the president's proposal of what he could be doing coming up with a new computer model to tell these coal-fired plants you got to fall within a in model on emissions. what about it? >> ed, thanks for the opportunity to be here. in terms of reacting to the president's proposal, it's not something we can do until we are actually see it, but we believe that it's very important we start from the realities global energy supply and demand which tells us coal will be was for decades to come, something you acknowledged tonight as well. given that we think priority needs to be given to developing the technologies which we know
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are out there. carbon capture storage in particular, to deal with the carbon and manage if carbon from coal and knowing that the world is going to continue to use it for many, many years to come. and that's how we can best address the climate issue. and that's how america can best lead in terms of being a technology leader. not by imposing you're lateral reduction. i'll tell you right now the projections are between 1990 and 2035, according to the international agency agency, carbon emissions from coal will go up 78%. if the united states stopped eyesing coal tomorrow, that growth would be 71%. and if europe, the oecd countries stopped using coal, the growth would still be 64%. 64% increase in emissions, carbon emissions from coal is not going to solve the climate problem. we have no choice but to begin focusing more resources to developing carbon capture and storage and other coal-based
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technologies. that's dealing with the reality. >> carbon sequestration with they're doing that in some portions of the country. the reclaimation projects being done have been successful. but number one, it's expensive. turning on the lights is cheap. the country has to pay. secondly, the scrubber technology. why haven't they done more, jon? scrubber technology, some coal companies have put millions into it but it's still expensive. it comes down to money, does it not? >> absolutely. that's one of the most important issues. here's what we look at. for decades here, we've had public support through subsidies and more recent years actual mandates for renewables. we don't take wish this. these technology and the electric utility, they require government. they won't happen in the marketplace by themselves. we need that and we need more public investment in these coal technologies. we've had it for renewables and
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nuclear. even for natural gas. we had years, decades of investment and we've not seen the investment yaet for the coal technologies and it's much more cost effective to say the hell with the environment and let's turn on the lights and the what we have to do. >> now we're at a point and this is a political hot potato for a lot of democrats because the coal industry does employ a lot of people. but in the same sense, we have to be pretty smart about the environment. what's the solution here? do you agree that scrubber technology and sequestration is the way to go? that we can capture enough carbon that would make a difference in the environment with some of the estimates out there? >> the real solution is building a whole lot moore wind and solar and if you look at recent costs, the cost of wind has been coming down 40% in the past year. the cost of solar is down 60%. a lot of places, wind and solar
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pooir are cheaper than running existing coal plants because you don't have fuel to buy once you build them and we've barely begun to scratch the surface so we're excited about the new incentives. >> i got what you're saying about wind and solar. i want to talk coal. this is not about alternatives. this is what are we going to do about the coal industry. are there things that if the president comes out and regulates the coal industry and they have to have emissions within a certain computer model how will the american people respond to that? politically, get it done. >> i 4rlive in west virginia. i know it's a powerful industry politically. it has a decision on your kid's drinking water and whether your did has a asthma attack. i think americans are supportive i of common sense protections that. tackle coal solution that threatens our air, health, water and standards for children.
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>> so you want the president to do this? it's something that he could do under the clean water act that goes back to 1970, but no president has done it? from what we're hearing, this would be the biggest slap on the coal industry that we've seen in a long time but maybe the country is awake to this now? jon, do you support a cap and trade on a state level which is being talked about? >> we looked at cap and trade before when it was going through congress. cap and trade can be used as a way to increase the technology development. it comes down to the details. let me be clear. what coalblue and the democrats who are a part of coalblue are about, we're about finding ways to have the cleanest energy we can and again, recognizing the global realities of fwhooirch supply and demand. there's 1.3 billion people in the world who don't have any ak session to electricity. twice that number who have open fire cooking. the world health organization estimates that 4 million people
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a year die prematurely because of opened fires. getting electricity to those people matters. if coal-fired power is the lowest cost way and these are people who are living on less than $2 a day, so cost matters. affordability matters. it matters to americans, too. we have to realize, with we look at four things. energy that's abundant, affordable, reliable and clean. we can't focus solely on clean. we have to take reliability and affordability into account. it matters for americans. they want to know when they flip the switch the lieft will come on and they want to know they can afford their electric bill every month but as well as having clean energy. >> we have environmental information that's troubling. a national climate estimate that we've never seen the likes of before and the question is with are we serious? are we going to do something about it? finally, maryann, do republicans care about this environmental impact?
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>> definitely. your thermometer doesn't care if you're a republican or democrat if your child has a asthma attack or your water isn't safe to drink. it doesn't matter if you're in a red or blue state and we've found in polling after the west virginia and north carolina coal spills that grow two-thirds of voters want political candidates and more state enforcement of environmental regulations when they realize the lack of those things put the health of their families at risk so this is definite definitely bipartisan issue. >> remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of your screen. share your thoughts with us on twitter at "the ed show" and like us on facebook. we want to know what you think. still ahead, the keystone xl debate will play a major role in 2016. democrats want to know, hillary clinton, where are you on this? we'll discuss that with our rapid response panel coming up. also, ted cruz cries wolf
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the all-new ram promaster guts. glory. ram. here's our social media and here's where you can find us. ed slow and and my podcast at we got working on a few things. "the ed show" social media nation has decided we're reporting and here's today's top trenders voted on by you. >> number three, double vision. >> you battle nancy pelosi as much as i have you're bound to get a few wrinkles. >> you're good looking. >> ralph hall's new ad. >> see this one, got it on the liberals when they attacked our second amendment rights. these wrinkles is from nine
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years on the dallas city council. >> these when we fought on obama care. >> got this when i toughened the regulations for the dallas ethic's task force. >> i'm seeing doubles. >> by gosh, i've got room for a few more wrinkles. >> you're a copycat. >> the number two trender, no bfd. >> the first thank you learn in the military is you assume every weapon is loaded. >> joe biden dispenses some vice-presidential advice. >> the piece of advice about that bfd stuff? assume every microphone is on. >> testing. >> i just want you to know i didn't intentionally say that. >> that was a lot. >> i whispered in his ear unfortunately i was looking in the direction of one guy who could read lips. >> and today's top trender -- pluck twist. >> when you think it can't get any worse it does. >> senators will vote whether or not to reverse supreme court rulings that allow for unlimited campaign spending. >> this makes our nation's
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campaigns fair. >> the united states senate is going to be voting on a constitutional amendment to repeal the first amendment. >> oh, that's not right! >> ted cruz claims democrats are planning a first amendment takedown. >> what it says is that poll cigarett politicians in washington have unlimited authority to muzzle each one of you. >> where does that leave our middle class constituents. >> 41 democrats have signed on to repealing the first amendment. >> let's get the money out of our political system and undo the damage done but have a united decision. >> joining me, senator from ohio, brown. senator, good to have you with us. i want your response to the narrative that the republicans are putting out there with ted cruz leading the way saying you're trying to get rid of the first amendment. what do the democrats want to do? >> senator cruz want the first amendment to apply for
2:25 pm
billionaires. if you can buy elections you ought to be able to buy elections. the fact is, when the koch brothers and wall street and the oil companies, i had first hand knowledge. that's the outside money against me in 2012. i'm not whining, i won. but the fact is when there's that much money it means less right to free speech and less ability to influence elections among the large numbers of people that do grassroots organizing. want to go and vote. their voice isn't heard or their votes, in some sense, not counted as much as the koch brothers millions and tens of millions. >> so he was speaking of the family research council. is that rhetoric, this narrative going to work outside the base? >> no. including the right-wing base by and large most of them think it's too much money. they're sick of the tv ads and nasty campaigns. the more money in politics the
2:26 pm
nastier the campaigns get because you can respond so fast. one nasty ad against another and that's what's happening. almost nobody except the billionaires that want to run this country, that want to turn us into a country where the very, very wealthy at the top and then v else is underneath, by and large, lost their rights. in some ways their constitutional rights. cruz is not really talking about family research council. he's talking to the billionaires he wants to fund his presidential race and turn this yes into the kind of right wing that he seems to yearn for. >> so the chance that this is going to take place and get reversed, is slim and none. but how important is it for the democrats to make a statement to the american people that this is no way to run a railroad? >> is it fair to all people in america? >> it's so important that we all
2:27 pm
say what majority leader reed is saying. when you see another attack ad, day after day, week after week and month after month, voters think, this is the koch brothers, this is wall street. the oil companies trying to buy elections. that's how we need the shift the debate. we don't have the votes in the senate and the house to overturn these decisions. it would take a constitutional amendment. we maybe can get some foreclosure laws but not even that for now. until the supreme court changes, we they'd to help change the the mindset of people. when they see these nasty ads day after day after day where little truth behind these ads, that people start thinking, that's the special interest groups from washington or new york or from the oil patch in houston, running these ads trying to beat a candidate in ohio or kentucky or michigan or wherever. >> yeah. senator, i'm curious. harry reid continues to go aeftr
2:28 pm
the koch brothers. many times on the senate floor, are the senate democrats saying, go harry, go. or does he have a collection of supporters within the democratic caucus? >> the answer is yes, yes and yes. most democratic senators are saying, go. keep doing it. it is harry read. he likes doing it and he wachbts to do it and he feels in his gut it's the right thing to do and increasing numbers of groups of senators that are doing the same kinds of things on shows like this, ed. you helped to lead the charge on the on this. to edge kwucate the public. the more money they spend the more the message is clear to the american voters that it's a bunch of really, really rich guys, mostly from places like texas and las vegas, trying to take the country over. and when they cry out free speech it's just billionaires talking. they think their money should count more than our votes. >> senator of ohio on the "the
2:29 pm
sho show". appreciate your time. hillary is heating up. democrats want to know where hillary clinton stants on the i can issues like the keystone xl pipeline. our rapid response panel weighs in. and a tea party favorite says the va scandal ask a gift from god? next, i take your questions. ask ed live, next. we're right back. ♪
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their family was impacted by climate change maybe they would change their position. but don't count on it. i don't think there's a study, secure have a or public opinion poll that will ever change the conservatives when it comes to climate change. our next question from dan yael, he wants to know, and this is a big one, what was the largest fish you ever caught? well, i believe back in if '80s when i was alaska and caught a 42 pound kings hammond. it was a nice fish. this one on wrong lake in manitoba. holy smokes, look at that. northern pike, a 42 incher and that baby was going 23 pounds! it felt like the biggest one this weekend. stick around. the rapid response panel is next. i'm hampton pearson with your market wrap. the dow up 69 points. the s&p adds 11 to close at hey
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welcome back and thanks for watching. when it comes to 2016. hillary clinton is playing her cards pretty close to the vest. so far her noncommittal attitude has worked in her favor. the former secretary of state has enjoyed the lead in nearly every speculative poll ready for
2:38 pm
held hillary. the pro-clinton super pac has raised millions of dollars. with all the investments being made it's time to start asking some pretty daekt questions. democratic groups want to know where clinton stands on the big issues like the keystone xl pipeline. no doubt the ongoing keystone debate will play a major role in 2016. especially within the democratic party where voters remain divided on the issue. a coalition of 30 environmental group groups are asking hillary clinton to pick a side in an open letter, published this week, the groups urge u clinton to publicly oppose the pipeline. they say given your long-standing advocacy for the environment and the importance of battling the climate crisis your involvement would lend an important voice to the struggle against the dangerous pipeline and the favor of energy sources that doesn't threaten future generations of americans. so where is hillary clinton
2:39 pm
going to be on the issue? joining me on our rapid response panel. msnbc contributor and syndicator. connie, your thoughts. is this a big political play by hillary clinton? does she not have to jump into it? i say she's playing her cards pretty close to the vest. clearly, this is going to be a big issue in 2016. climate change. a lot of liberal groups believe that the democrats have to be against this. what about it? >> if i were advising her i would say two things. stay out until the mid terms and stay out until you're declared a candidate and she hadn't yet. so i understand why she's playing it close. right now she's more former secretary of state than she is candidate for president. i think she has to be mindful of that role in terms of how it could possibly undercut the president as we wait for the administration to decide what they're going to do on this. >> the keystone pipeline was under review when hillary clinton was secretary of state. governor, do you see her silence
2:40 pm
on the issue as strategic? >> well, there was silence while she was secretary of state. the application was on her desk and they didn't move a yay or a nay while she was secretary of state. the only reason washington, d.c.'s involved in this decision is because it cross at this canadian border 37 and, of course, hillary would understand this because she and bill were very active i in negotiating the nafta treaty and as part of the provisions if there's a pipeline that cross this is border, there needs to be a sign-off from washington, d.c. if it didn't cross the border it's all regulated by the states. so she's had a long history in thinking, discussing or actually analyzeding this particular pipeline. this keystone pipeline as secretary of state. >> and she made a comment when she was secretary of state saying that we're going to use dirty oil either from the gulf or from canada. and i don't know if that's going
2:41 pm
to come back and haunt her or not. but the point here is, climate change is real. it's going to be an issue in 2016. and is this a political mine field for the democrats that could split the democratic party in some ways, connie? >> i hope not. i hope democrats are democrats. climate change is a fact and thank goodness washington is involved. we're talking about just not the future of our country and these particular states that could -- it's catastrophic if there's an accident. not just about those states it's about the global future. and i'm glad that washington is going to be involved. i hope democrats get on board. the way i look at us is this. we either care about climate change or we don't. there's not going to be a lot of wiggle room on the on this at this point and we need a groundswell of support to push whoever ends up being the democratic nominee to be in the right place on this issue and that comes from pressure.
2:42 pm
the more people learn about this issue i believe themore we'll be convinced against the pipeline, yank, i hope. >> governor, what about this? is this a wedge issue for democrats? one corner you have liberal donors and environmental groups that put pressure? if they don't hear what they want it could possibly pop up another candidate or a voice? a lot of people think i had will only be hillary. what's your take on how important the climate debate will be within the democratic movement? >> i think the climate debate is important. and we need to point out that these republicans are deniers. we have to be realists. hillary was right when she said, we with have a choice. we can yourself canadian oil or bring it from venezuela, nigeria and saudi arabia. we need to move quickly away from the hydrocarbons but we have to have a choice. we only have about 5% of the country run on wind and solar power. 26 states have passed a
2:43 pm
renewable portfolio standard including montana it says by a certain day a certain percent of the electricity has got to come from renewables. what did they do in washington, d.c. during the last 20 years? what did they do during the last five years? not a damn thing. why don't we pass a national renewable portfolio standard. let's get eight start so the other 24 states now are using alternative energy for electricity supplies and let's move rapidly to other sources. >> and governor, what would you advice the president to do right now, the segment we were talkingability earlier on coal? this is obviously a big part of the energy package and we're note getting away from coal. what's the best move with the carbon emissions needing to be reduced? >> well, i think with coal it's being put out of business by cheap, natural gas. as you move forward with coal, the only way it's going to be an energy well into the future, a source of energy, is if it gasifies and captured the co2
2:44 pm
and pumps it back into the earth. there's a few places in the world that are using that system and coal cannot be competitive with natural gas. we need to new energy sources. right now the choice is oil coming from venezuela or canada and i come down on the side of the canadians. >> i don't think that's the only choice. i agree with the governor in terms of emphasis on renewable energy. in ohio, we may be the first state to dial back on the renewable energy standards because of the circus going on in columbus. that's so discouraging. i agree, every state has to emphasize that and there are alternative to that. isn't either/or. the debate does not begin and end there. >> i agree. brian and connie, great coach you both with us tonight. we'll continue this discussion on climate change here on "the ed show." coming up, the florida governor's race is getting dirty and very expensive. at least for one candidate. rick scott is spending millions trying to take down charlie
2:45 pm
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the doctor is out. the stae party favorite is using the veterans' affairs scandal to attack obama care. carson, a former surgeon, says the long wait times for medical attention is a gift? >> i think what's happening with the veterans is a gift from god. to show us what happens when you take lly layers and layers of b work si place them between the patients and the health care provider. if we can't get it right with the relatively small number of veterans, how in the world are you going to do it with the entire population? >> a small number of veterans? how much more wars do you want to go into, doctor? carson has made a point to smear the affordable care act can disgusting comparisons. >> obama care is really, i think, the worst thing that has
2:50 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." this is a story for the folk who is take a shower after work.
2:54 pm
well, we're less than mix months away from the midterms. it's not just the congressional races. i'll tell you what, in florida it's the governor's race. the two contenders in that state are on a collision course in what promises to be the meanest governor's race in the nation. republican governor rick scott is trying to define his campaign with charlie crist early on with millions of dollars. >> we want action. the american public wants action. >> the only actions taken with money on his campaign. the bradenton herald reporting scott approaching $10 million in spending on tv ads aired or bought since mid-march. tired yet, floridiafloridians? scott's most recent commercial
2:55 pm
talks about his grandson, just like he did while talking to the head nodders over on fox news. >> i spend every day worrying about what my grandson will think of me. i focus on the florida we leave for his generation. that means more jobs and more opportunity. we head a good start, but there's a lot more work to do. what do you say? >> let's get to work, grandpa. >> that's my line. >> excuse me, governor. that's been my line, let's get to work, for a long time before you were governor. but that's okay. if you want to be the rancher with all that and no cattle, that's fine. mitch cesar, chairman of the broward county democratic party joins us tonight. south florida is where it is, folks, where this race will be desided. mitch, great to have you with us tonight. is rick scott going full speed on this campaign too early to burn people out or what's happening here? >> well, i don't think so, because, you know, they said they're going to spend $100
2:56 pm
million, which means it's going to be more than that. and he spent, as you said, about $10 million and moved almost nowhere in the polls. that is guy who has an image that's a problem. it's in stone. it's not going to change, even if he had more than -- 100 million. his strategy is going to have to be i got to tear down the other guy. i can't build myself up. i absolutely cannot change my image. what i must do is tear the other person down. he's standing by his record, but it's really a bad place to be standing. >> well, the republican governor's association, i understand they contributed more than several million dollars, $2.5 million to be exact, to governor scott. more than any other candidate for governor. why are they putting so much stock into them? >> i think florida will be the race. i think it's more. i think it will be the race in the country, whether it's governor, senator, congressional folks, anybody, because oi
2:57 pm
florida is the ultimate swing state. we as democrats and as floridians can't afford that. we saw what happened in 2000. we ended up with george bush. they want to control the apparatus so it's not a level playing field. frankly, we've seen rick scott's attempt at voter suppression in the past, he's the king of voter suppression. they'll have to go negative, negative, negative. key to remember is even in a giant state like florida you really can't spend $100 million effectively. >> when does charlie crist engage? is he short on resources? he's certainly not going to be able to match rick scott. how long does the silence take place other than his grassroots politicking, which he's very good at, by the way? >> well, i think he's correctly holding his fire for a while. he's already raised $10 million
2:58 pm
or $11 million. we'll be record numbers once we get to election day in november. but remember, we doemt need $100 million plus. we probably need $40 million or $50 million, and i should say on the record now i think we have it but we'll be outspent by $50 million or more. but we have a situation in florida which people just rally don't like this guy, not much is going to change, he has a terrible record, says he's a jobs governor, then does away with trying to take the money for the bullet train, which is 23,000jobs. he says i want to attract corporations here, bring them to florida, cuts a billion dollars from the education budget in his first year in office. he is nothing who he says. he's going to stand by his record but he better not stand too close. >> has charlie crist gotten over the credibility issue of having to used to be a republican? nigh think he has. i mean, you know, the ultimate voters will tell, but i don't think that's an issue really anymore. i could get in a little trouble
2:59 pm
for saying that, but i really don't think so. he ran as an independent a number of years back. now he's a democrat. i think what most people remember is when he was republican governor he was a pretty moderate guy. and that much has not changed. i think this is going to be a contest where people have a positive perception if the polls are correct if indeed charlie crist is the nominee and they have a very, very negative perception op rick scott. i don't think that's going to haunt him. i think his key, as is the key in florida, is he's very popular among depthindependents and whe have a contest between the two parties turning out their base and going for that small slice of swing voters, maybe 10%, that's proven historically his specialty. >> all right. quickly, what would a debate be like with these two? >> well, the first thing i want to do is make sure i get a ticket to be in the auditorium so i can personally witness
3:00 pm
that. >> that might be the hottest tick net america if that ever takes place. >> i guarantee it is. >> great to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. it's a race to watch no doubt. that's "the ed show." i'm ed shults. "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed, and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, the first lady takes the fight to the gop. today at the white house, michelle obama took on republicans in congress who are trying to put politics ahead of our nation's children. she hit back on a new gop-led effort to scale back her healthy school lunch initiative. >> we're now seeing efforts in congress to roll back these new standard and undo the hard work that all of you, all of us have done on behalf of our kids and, you know,


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